Why Choose Dresstells

Exemplary Customer Care
Exemplary Customer Care
Unique Design Aesthetic
Unique Design Aesthetic
Premium Product Quality
Premium Product Quality
Exemplary Customer Care
Unique Design Aesthetic
Premium Product Quality

Eco-Conscious & Avant-Garde & Enduring

Dresses have become a catalyst for self-expression, nostalgia, 
and interpersonal connections. 
Each one of us is a storyteller, and the clothes we wear are chapters of our lives waiting to be written and shared with the world. 
They have become symbols of empowerment, shaping our identities and the stories we are about to create.


To provide the highest value in trendy and ready-to-wear fashion, while remaining dedicated to quality, value, and exceptional service. We strive to make life more beautiful through our designs.


To be the leading fashion destination empowering women to express their unique style with confidence, for any occasion.

Dresstells Brand Development


We take great pride in empowering thousands of women to feel more confident, beautiful, and fabulous - this is what fuels our passion.

Our fashion journey began in 2015, and through unwavering dedication, we have evolved into a sophisticated brand that celebrates a range of eras and styles.

What sets us apart is our reverence for the authenticity and joy of life. We challenge conventions to help you stand out and realize your unique dreams. Our designs enable you to express your truest self with elegance and poise.

From captivating cocktail dresses to timeless evening gowns, our collection is crafted to make you feel like the best version of yourself, radiating confidence and sophistication. We are committed to exceptional quality and value.

Join us on this journey as we redefine what it means to look and feel fabulous. Together, let's embrace the art of self-expression and celebrate the beauty within.

1996 - Laying the Foundation
Our fashion journey began in 1996 when we first ventured into the research and production of women's apparel and accessories. Through years of dedication, we established our own workshop, becoming an OEM supplier for some of  American and German companies.
2002 - Exploring Growth
In 2002, we established our own factory and workshop to dedicated ourselves to the research and production of women's fashion and accessories. With a focused mindset and relentless research, we gradually perfected our research, production, quality management and customer service systems.
2015 - Soaring as a Brand
After 13 years of exploration and accumulation, we finally created our complete research system, production system, quality management system, and customer after-sales service system in 2015. Simultaneously, the Dresstells brand was established. We primarily produce cocktail dresses, vintage dresses, lace dresses, wedding gowns, and various formal event attire, with the majority sold to the European and American markets. Customers can easily browse our extensive online selection and choose their favorite dresses, while enjoying our professional customer service, high-quality products, and affordable prices.